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Vertical Garden 4 Tier Movable 8 Planters

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Beautiful and slim vertical garden with 4 tiers, 8 planters saves space for narrow balcony garden. Beautifying your home and garden can't be simpler than this!

This system is light weight and comes with 4 wheels for easily moving around. This is ideal if you have to move your planter around to optimize sunlight for growing plant/ veggies at home.

Every planter is deep and wide, universal pot to grow any type of plants from veggies, herbs to flowers. This is important as some of the plants we grow at home might have deep roots and they require more space to optimize their growth and show you their best look. 

The holes in every planter can be opened up to allow water drip through to the next layer. This smart design allows you to minimize water waste to save PUB cost unless you collect rain water to water your plants 🤪

Set up this whole system is less than 15 mins and anyone can do it. If I can, anyone can!

This means, within 15 mins, you can start growing your healthy favourite plants at home and show off your beautiful garden to friends and family members 😄


LxWxH: 58x29x103 cm


The set comes with:

1. PP Plastic Planters x 8 

2. Metal Frame and Shelf 

3. Wheels x 4


Highly recommend to buy with Aum Garden Ready Soil Mix. You will need approximately 4 bags (each bag 8 Litres) of Aum Garden Soil Mix. Just pour into your planters and start growing. 

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