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Black Candy Sweet Grapes

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Black candy grape is probably one of the easiest grapes to grow because of these few qualities:

- Fast growth and development 

- Hardy, can resist diseases very well. Plant grows very strong without much fungi or insects problems

- Easy to fruit. Black Candy grape is probably one of the rare few grapes that can fruit easily even without pruning.

Best part is this grape is very sweet and Flavourful like candy, you should grow at least one in your garden and enjoy it organically.

How to care for Black Candy grape:

- Sunlight requirement: Full sun 🌞 at least 5hrs of sunlight 

- Soil: Use Well drained soil. Sandy soil is ok too. Avoid muddy or wet soil. Try Aum Garden Soil Mix if you have no preferred soil yet. Aum Garden Soil Mix is super well drained and rich vocalnic soil which support healthy roots growth and plant robust development. 

- Fertilizer: From my own observation, grape grows very well with goat dung or cow dung fertilizer. Usually I apply goat dung or cow dung fertilizer monthly and top up with Aum Garden home made Fish Emulsion every 2 weeks.

- Watering: As rule of thumb, water when soil is dry to the touch.

How to prune for fruits:

Depends on the trellis you set up to support your plant growth, you should trim/ cut for fruit accordingly. I usually keep 1 main vine. When it reaches the top of my trellis. I will cut this vine for more secondary branches. I will choose 2 or 3 healthiest secondary branches to keep. The rest of branches I will trim away to focus the nutrients to grow these selected branches the fastest. Continue growing these secondary branches into big, fat and healthy branches with length at least 1.5 to 2m and get ready for fruit cutting.

Before you start to cut these secondary branches for fruits, make sure you have fertilized your grape plant very well at least 2 weeks in advance (fish emulsion, goat dung, cow dung fertilizer plus organic flowering fertilizer). Water your plant as per normal. 2 weeks later, start cutting those secondary branches. For branches more than 1m long, cut half and keep only 50cm length. STOP watering until your plant Starts to show flower. If you grow it on the ground, make sure you cover the base with plastic cover to avoid rain during this flowering transition stage. 

- Protect young flowering shoots and young fruits: Use natural pesticide as a regular regime to protect your young leaves, flower buds and shoots from pest. Try Aum Garden home made natural Pesticide if you don't have any preferred Pesticide brand.

- Increase fruit size, crunch and sweetness of your grapes naturally by adding more calicum, boron and zinc during budding and after young grapes have formed. Check out our Calicum Boron formula.

Black Candy Grape sapling:

  • Grafted plant with 1-1.4m tall with some with fruits now
  • If you choose plants without fruits now yet, no worries they will produce fruits after 6 months time following our care instruction above

Grapes can be grown in pot or in ground.

  Pic for illustration 

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Grab some Black Candy Grape now and start having fun taking care of this beautiful fruit tree.

Thank you for choosing Aum Garden.