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Vietnam Green/Black Seedless Grapes

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This species of green and black sweeet grapes are very well known in Vietnam. They are grown mainly in the central part of Vietnam, Ninh Thuan. They are sweet and delicious and looking gorgeous on the vines.

Surprisingly, they are hardy and very suitable for our Singapore hot climate. 

That's the reason why Aum Garden loves to introduce this wonderful species of grapes into our Singapore home gardeners. You can start cultivating and enjoying these beautiful species of grapes Right Now.

By the way, growing grapes might not be as challenging as you might have thought.

Just a little knowledge and you can turn these mature plants into a fruitful tree. 

Product description:

Each grape tree Aum Garden carries is about 3 years old maturity. They are in their flowering and fruiting phases. This means you don't have to wait for long. 

They can produce the first batch of harvest in 6-8 months time. 

Each grape tree is about 40-60cm tall now and 4-6cm diameter trunk.

Grapes can be grown in pot or in ground.

Free Delivery with min. $85 spend with Aum Garden (you can add Aum Garden soil suitable to grow fruit trees, flowers, veggies and herbs, Aum Garden fish fertilizer and EM enzyme Protect...)