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Vietnam White Pomelo Bưởi Năm Roi

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Another Vietnam Specialty fruit tree I would like to bring to my friends here.
Vietnam White Pomelo 'Bưởi Năm Roi"
Earlier on I have introduced Vietnam Pink Pomelo Bưởi Da Xanh one of the most poplular Pomelo varieties in Vietnam with pink flesh, juicy and sweet.

And today is another super well-known pomelo Bưởi Năm Roi. Ask any Vietnamese in Vietnam (who likes to eat fruits) what are the popular pomelos and most likely they will mention these 2 types.
Viet Nam White Pomelo Bưởi Năm Roi is super fragrant, sweet, juicy (but not wet), little or no seeds. When Bưởi Năm Roi ripens, the skin will change to slighly yellow, different from Pink Pomelo, the skin is still green when ripe.
Vietnam White Flesh Bưởi Năm Roi is slightly smaller than Pink Pomelo.
Please see illustrations below for this 2 Most Popular Pomelos.
Grow pomelo besides enjoying these highly nutritious fruits you will also enjoy their super SWEET Fragrant Flowers, something to me is even more rewarding than eating the Yummy Fruits.
Stock available for both varieties now.
Grafted plant about 1-1.2m tall. Very healthy.