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VN Long Creamy Avocado Plant

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Vietnam Avocados are well known for their big size, beautiful shape, natural sweet and creamy texture. 

We have specifically selected cream of the crops for you to start cultivating these highly nutritious and delicious fruits in Singapore.

Aum Garden VN Avocado grafted plants are about 60cm tall, very healthy.

They will start flowering and fruiting within 2 years (provided with proper care). With this you don't have to wait for 13-15 years for your avocado plant to fruit any more. If we can Save time and see earlier the fruit of our labour earlier, why not?

Below are real pics of the plants you are getting

Avocado plant going to new pot taken at customer's home

Organic Avocados grown by my uncle in Vietnam 

You can harvest up to 200kg of avocados every year.

You can grow avocado in ground or in pot. If you grow in pot, make sure you have a big pot. The bigger the pot, the better the avocados.

Grown in ground like my uncle does

Can you spot my uncle climbing the avocado tree?

Grow avocado in pots like how my fellow Vietnamese do here. Don't you think it's a beautiful bonsai avocado tree? (not the same species but you can do the same for this VN Avocado saplings)

Let's grow organic fruits especially this yummy avocado today! Get the sapling and get your hand dirty. Plant today, harvest tomorrow! 

Free delivery for order $150 and above.

Below $150, delivery fee $15 flat rate.

Thank you and wishing you bountiful harvest