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Volcanic Burnt Soil mix 7.5L

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Vocalnic potting mix soil is well mix with other medium such as burnt soil, burnt rice husk, cocopeat and volcanic soil ensure very well drained suitable for our Singapore hot and humid weather.

What can you use this soil for?
- You can use this soil for almost any plants including very water sensative plants such as roses, lavender, rosemary
- Very good for veggies, herbs and flowering plants such as flowers and fruit trees
- Suitable for indoors and outdoors plants

How to use this potting mix
- Germinate seeds: pour this soil in pot or germiation tray (without adding anything else)
- Repot/top up soil for your plants: add this potting mix with your favourite fertilizer such as cow dung, goat dung, earthworm fertilizer to make it into super rich soil and repot/top up soil for your plants

Product contains
7.5L of soil