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Watering Can 1500ML

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Aesthetic looking watering can makes you love gardening more, a love at first sight!

Watering your plants with style.

Control the flow of water naturally with smart long spout design

What's more this pretty watering can serves its purpose perfectly.

1. Long spout allows you to reach to furthest pot without strain. 

2. Extended spout also enables water to flow out gently. The right way to water your plants. No splashing, no mess!

3. Extra shower cap allows you to gently water your seeds (during germination) or young seedlings when they can't take rough flow of water. A perfect tool for you to water all your plants at their different stages of development.

4. Mouth design stops water from flowing out and dirtying your house unnecessarily when you tilt your watering can. A very important feature that a lot of other watering cans might overlook!

5. Easy assemble anyone can do it!

Shower head to gentle water young plants

Mouth design to stop water flows out and dirtying your house when tilted


Try out this watering can to fall in love with it as much as I do!

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